26 November-2 December

If you were born below the sign of Scorpio, in the week you may use abundant of it slow and energy to stabilize your intimate, romantic or conjugal relationship.

Now you’ll be able to seek for alternative ways to surprise your love for the Christmas and New Year holidays.
New acquaintances created in the week can have the potential for prospective development.
This week, you will be stunned by a telephony for an oral communication or meeting with a lady you have ne’er seen before or WHO lives in another town.

Unfortunately, in the week could build some for the Scorpio sign upset with unpleasant news or an incident associated with somebody in your circle of relatives.
If any of you has determined to divorce or separate, the likelihood of modification is minimal.
During the week, use caution if you order merchandise or any issue to be delivered to you from another town or country.
Attention would require purchases through online commercialism, the sale of products or properties that are set in another location.
Women over thirty-five years recent can unexpectedly hand over their plan or set up.

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