26 November-2 December

If you were born beneath the sign of Capricorn, in the week you’ll have an excellent need to shop for one thing personal for yourself.

Unfortunately, there’ll be another commitment – one thing that you simply also will get to get a present or pay some cash on.
This may place you during a scenario of desirous to create a tough call or create a compromise.

This week you’ll have occasions for plenty of emotional experiences, however, don’t rush to be affected by any smile or compliment.
In your sex, you will expertise confusion as a result of someone’s sensible angle towards you, which may produce AN illusion that this person has special feelings for you.

If you’ve got a romantic relationship supported some interest or material, money security in the week, you’ll be ready to develop your relationship to at least one during a firm commitment.
You are conscious of what you’ll have and what you’ll lose if you are doing not management bound options of your own character.
This will be a decent week for a romantic relationship with a partner from afar.
This week you’ll receive info or a proposal for an extra commitment to bring you additional financial gain.

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