26 November-2 December

If you were born underneath the sign of Cancer, in the week you’ll expertise disappointment with folks you recognize.
Your disappointment is also associated with their want to learn in a way from you, from your position, from your contacts, or from your condition.

It’s traditional to own some issues in your way of life, however overall the week can produce a spread of opportunities for you. You will be lucky to attain vital successes and goals for you.
This will be notably noticeable in an exceedingly nerve-wracking state of affairs or some quite accident.

This week might incur AN unexpectedly higher value of cash related to a boy or a young man.
An interesting development can involve your daily tasks at your work.

At work or in your business, you’ll expertise numerous surprises, that in most cases can provide you with new ideas, enable you to fulfill new folks, or underpin numerous new opportunities.
Be careful in monetary relationships which will be associated with a person underneath thirty-five years ancient.


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