Justin Bieber: A Billion Dreams Boy

Justin Bieber: A Billion Dreams Boy

“Justin Bieber” a Canadian pop star. he was 13 years old when he composes his first song one time.

and, also making his debut album this song get the 17th position in a Canadian top 100 and selected for the billboard.

 Justin Bieber
                                                                                             Justin Bieber


  • Birthdate: one of March 1994 (24 y.o.)
  • Place of birth: London, Ontario, North American country
  • Height: one hundred seventy cm
  • Weight: sixty-two metric weight unit
  • Birth Sign: Pisces
  • Occupation: singer
  • Mother: Pattie Mallette
  • spouse: Hailey Rhode Baldwin

“Justin Bieber” is a Canadian boy who made billions of fans in all around the world.

He chose singing as a profession and start doing the audition in talent shows. a single parent kid made an unforgettable history. “Justin Bieber”



His oldsters got unmarried shortly when his birth, his father married once more, got new kids, and Justin was left to become old while not a father. 

His mother had to figure religiously to form a living, and Justin spent tons of your time together with his grandparents from the mother’s facet. “Justin Bieber”

Since childhood, music features a been Justin’s passion.

His mother gave him a drum set as a gift for his second birthday.

The boy expressed nice interest within the device and down pat it quickly. Later on, he conjointly learned the way to play the stringed instrument, piano, and even such a rare instrument because of the bass. “Justin Bieber”


Bieber quickly achieved international business success.

His initial single, “One Time,” discharged in July 2009 whereas he was still recording his debut album, was a high twenty hit in the North American nation, “Justin Bieber baby”

us, the UK, France, and European nation.

In Jan 2010, his single “Baby” for the album “MyWorld a pair of.0” was free. The track shortly became a success and topped ratings within the North American nation. Justin Bieber video for this song conjointly became victorious. For, a protracted time, it had been one in every of the foremost talked-about videos on the web.

It competed with the PSY video “Gangnam Style”. The album was free on March twenty-three, 2010. It conjointly became in style, however, during a year Bieber received the anti-prize within the nomination “The Worst Album”. During this era, ” Justin Bieber” bestowed videos, surprising the music world with the number of videos for his songs. In 2010, 10 video clips were free for brand new songs: “Baby”, “Never allow you to Go”, “Wear the globe twenty-five for Haiti”

it had been certified atomic number 78 in the North American nation and also the North American nation, and was followed by 3 a lot of hits: “One Less Lonely Girl”. “Justin Bieber”

it had been certified double-platinum in the North American nation and also the UK, and atomic number 78 within the North American nation, European nation, and European nation.

the nominee of 2018 grammy for the most trending and  watched song “despacito”

at the age of 21, he got the ambassador membership of

Calvin Klein

“Justin Bieber Songs”

songs & Album


According to Celebrity web value, “Justin Bieber’s” web value is $265 million as of March 2018, because of his music sales, merchandise, product endorsements, traveling and alternative business ventures.









 this video I take it from youtube source to show his lifestyle in short.



Justin Bieber was raised by one mummy. His dad, Jeremy Bieber, left to begin a family with another lady.

per some media reports, Justin and his father weren’t shut growing up; his dada has been now and then represented as being a “deadbeat” UN agency solely resurfaced when Justin achieved YouTube fame.

justin Bieber baby songs download

Recently Justin got married to Hailey Baldwin   


Jeremy reportedly thought of turning into a rapper himself and has struggled with addiction issues.

Despite their allegedly sophisticated relationship, Justin has maintained that he and his dada area unit shut.

justin Bieber baby songs download

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” Justin’s initial tattoo, a larid that he happened 2010, matches one his father has.

In February 2016, Justin told GQ magazine, “I’m tons nearer to my dada than I’m to my mum.

” 2 months later, Justin  Bieber attended a celebration to celebrate his dad’s engagement to girlfriend Chelsey Rebels.

once Jeremy became a father once more in August 2018, Justin Bieber welcome sister Bay to the family. justin Bieber love yourself


after some concerts, Justin Beiber behavior was not so good with their fans but it doesn’t affect their followings on he apologizes for their behavior on live shows.

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Justin Bieber has competent a fairly rough patch these past few years, with constant criticism creating it worse whenever.

I needed to create positive he is aware of that we tend to believe him and can love and support him categorically

Justin Bieber Now

However, later on, the singer supplemental it absolutely was not his intention to go away the musical Mt.


Bieber felt from the scene Video does not play On June twenty, the singer fell off the stage whereas pulling up his pants throughout the concert in North American nation Feb 2016.

However, later on, the singer supplemental it absolutely was not his intention to go away the musical Mt.

Justin Bieber felt from the scene Video does not play On June twenty, the singer fell off the stage whereas pulling up his pants throughout the concert in the North American nation

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